Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Little (and guilty) Pleasures of Life

Life is beautiful. Downs, trials, contradictions may be there but they're nothing compared to the big and small pleasures that make us grin, smile, giggle, laugh... pleasures that make life beautiful. Here's my own list of the little (and guilty) pleasures of life... in no particular order. Do you have your own?

  1. Sleeping through a cold rainy night with soft and comfy sheets.
  2. Good childhood memories.
  3. Good hair day.
  4. The Bible.
  5. Family bondings.
  6. Kodak moments.
  7. Snickers.
  8. Alpine White.
  9. Cleaning your ears with cotton buds.
  10. Finding a fabulous pair of shoes.
  11. Finding a fabulous pair of shoes with your size.
  12. Finding a fabulous pair of shoes with your size within your budget.
  13. Meeting an old friend.
  14. Meeting a new friend.
  15. A child's tight embrace.
  16. A night under the stars.
  17. Clean bathrooms.
  18. Making poopoo.
  19. Laundry day with Mr. Sun.
  20. The perfect eyeliner.
  21. Music lounging.
  22. Finding an old high school diary.
  23. Singing your heart out.
  24. 8 hours of sleep.
  25. Getting a 1.0.
  26. Beautiful people.
  27. Reading a good book.
  28. Finding a quotable quote.
  29. Laughtrips.
  30. Food tripping.
  31. Reflecting.
  32. Compliments.
  33. Essays with substance.
  34. Rereading own essays.
  35. Photo albums.
  36. Victoria's Secret Sweet Temptation.
  37. Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea.
  38. Getting a message or call from an old friend.
  39. A good massage.
  40. Movie day or night.
  41. Yummy Japanese food.
  42. Children.
  43. Grocery.
  44. Sweet Milk.
  45. American Idol.
  46. Musicals with fantastic lines.
  47. Romantic comedies.
  48. Feel-good movies.
  49. Incredible conversations.
  50. Relaxing music.
  51. Cable TV.
  52. Ice Cream. Vanilla and strawberry.
  53. Johnny Depp.
  54. Fashion.
  55. Adam Sandler.
  56. Effortless funny people.
  57. Carrie Bradshaw.
  58. Songs with beautiful lyrics.
  59. Bonding sessions.
  60. Clean home.
  61. Jimmy Choo.
  62. Baguio choco flakes.
  63. Flat tops.
  64. Leo Buscaglia.
  65. Robert Fulghum.
  66. Nice-smelling people.
  67. High-speed downloads.
  68. Sun and sands.
  69. Photos with your good angle.
  70. Brazilian music.
  71. Thesaurus.
  72. Wonderful teachers and mentors.
  73. Unconditional relationships and commitments.
  74. People who don't pretend they're cool.
  75. Puppies and dogs.
  76. A newborn baby.
  77. My sister's twins!
  78. Rainbow.
  79. Cooking a hearty meal.
  80. Hotels.
  81. The smell of saute.
  82. A nice-fitting top.
  83. Being admired.
  84. Healthy glowing skin (not oily).
  85. Cheesy 80s and 90s music.
This list is just a very small portion of the beautiful life we have. The list is, in reality, endless. I hope you find what makes you grin, smile, giggle, and laugh in every little thing that you think, say, and do. Because life is indeed beautiful.

If you want to add more or if you have your own list, leave me a message.


Shadow in the Moonlight said...

*havin a kid play with your hair
*having a free period or realising class is cancelled due to strikes
*short, funny, cute, inspiring phrases behind cars when stuck in traffic. Saw this one on my way to work " My Boss is a Carpenter" ...

Wolfsong said...

You don't know me but I love your blog..came across it on karen's site and chocolate and shoes and sex and the city caught my eyes and mind! I have a list just like this one...haven't put it on my blog yet. Here's to chocolate and the other pleasures of life.

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