Monday, December 18, 2006

My Fabulous Comeback

After months of being unable to update my fabulous blog, here I am again fabulously bringing to you fabulous news about my fabulous twin nieces :) Go figure why this is 'My Fabulous Comeback'.
God is just really so good for adding to our family two very beautiful babies: Ma. Christiana Annalise and Ma. Christiana Therese. These precious little ones are gifts from above. And they have the weirdest birth story! Annalise was born in the birthing clinic at our church in Mandaluyong, while Therese was born in Medical City in Pasig. Yes, these twins have separate birth places! But still, they are one in heart.
I just love them so much! As early as (almost) 2 months old, their own personalities are being revealed already. But still, they are loved equally. The photo below shows how Annalise is the funny and outgoing one, and how Therese is the more feminine type. Can you guess who is who? ;)